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We specialize in packshots of jewelry, underwear, clothing, footwear, bags, belts, gloves, hats, glass and other packaging. We also do food and culinary photography. We will be happy to take up the challenge of shooting and retouching of other products as well.


We do packshots in our studio in Warsaw. The Photos can also be taken at a location specified by the customer.


Packshots will be ready 48 hours after the delivery of products to our studio (excluding weekends and holidays). The 48-hour period includes the execution of photos and post-processing. 


The skills of our photographers, equipment and refined processes provide high quality images. 

Product photos are made by our specialist in this field. Fast and accurate post-processing of packshots is made possible by automation of processes and the experience of our graphic specialists. 


We guarantee very competitive prices of our product images.


If you want us to prepare a custom offer, please contact us. More examples of packshots made by us can be found under Our Projects.

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